So, how does a larping nerd find her way to the church anyway? How do you convert someone who has spent most of her life thinking that Terry Pratchett's Death probably has it right; you get what you believe you'll get in afterlife?

Well, one really important thing about this all is that eventhough I met the missionaries, and eventhough missionaries go to their mission to let more people know about it, thet can not convert anyone. So stop blaming them of converting anyone who's not fast enough in saying no, it's really impossible to force someone in believing something. Yeah, sure, once you have shown interest in what they have to say, they will to tell you everything you need to know, how to find out for yourself if you want to accept this truth or not and where to go asking for more information. The missionaries and other members of the church, should you decide to meet any of them, will gladly share their testimonies and own conversion stories (everyone has one, even those who grow up in the church; the moment when you realize you actually do believe everything you've been taught) and for some people that'sa bit too much. They -

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